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Sunday, 9 February 2014

08-02-14, Cairngorms - Stormy end of week review

 Very stormy in Cairngorms, high winds, blizzards, ski road closed all day. Day 7 and last day with me for Karl. No climbing but a review of skills and experiences learn't over the day and a couple of extra technical things that will be useful in the future. The woods on the edge of Loch Morlich at the start, looking at tying off coils, how to climb a rope with prusiks and un-assisted hoists for crevasse rescue. The kind gentlemen on the Ski road closed gates allowed me to drive to the Ciste car park, where we found the first steep bit of snow to re look at snow anchors, bucket seats and buried axes. Then off to Huntley's Cave to put some more rock climbing gear into cracks, looking at making sound belays.

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