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Monday, 15 October 2012

Summer 2012 - Alps and UK - Mountaineering and Rock Climbing

Funffingerspitze, Dolomites 
It has been a busy summer, working in Snowdonia for most of the time, split between Outdoor Education with 10-16 year olds and teaching adults navigation, and how to rock climb. The weather hasn't been great but I have still managed to get out a bit. Tremadog and Gogarth have held up to their sunny and warm(ish) reputation. Kath and I headed over to the Alps at the end of August start of September. Started with Swiss granite at Grimmsel and Andermat. A week of glorious sunshine, we climbed the Salbit via Sudgrat and some fine granite slabs in the Grimmsel pass. The weather turned cold and snowed so we had a few days cragging low, then went east to the Dolomites, which stayed dry and warm for the rest of our trip. We mainly climbed classic grade IV and Vs highlights Funffingerspitz and Falzerago Towers.

Grimmsel pass granite slab climbing.

Summit of Salbit
Salbit, Sudgrat