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Thursday, 9 May 2013

May 2013, Finale, Italy - Sport Climbing

Sun and shade, sharp pockets, well bolted, stunning location...
 First week of May we have been rock climbing in Finale Ligure. Brilliant sport climbing in a fantastic setting. Crags dotted over the steep tree covered hillsides and valleys, great rock, sharp, steep, pockety, slightly savage grades!
Stunning location, if you can find the crag your after!

April 2013, Austrian, Italian Alps - Ski Mountaineering

 I have spent a few weeks ski touring in Austria and Italy. The weather hasn't been stable for very long, really hot, too hot, then snowy down to the valley. Made touring hut to via glorious peaks a little tricky! Plenty of day hits from huts up peaks then returning to the same base. Most of these pictures are from Italy in Ortler but Kathryn has made a little video of Stubai, Austria - .

View from Col on Gran Zebru.
Glacier Castles.

Descent from Pesqualle.