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Monday, 28 February 2011

28-02-11, Creag Meagaidh - Winter Climbing

Creag Meagaidh - Post Face sunrise.

Lets not get too carried away with the rock climbing, it's still February, and there is still plenty of winter climbing to be done! Today Kath, Gary and I went to Creag Meagaidh to climb some ice; any ice that is left after the recent thaw. We climbed Diadem, V,4. There is still plenty of ice left in the inner coire, Pumpkin and Wand looked good, Didem had a cruddy covering of snow, but still enjoyable, once you uncovered the good ice for screws. There is still thick ice at the bottom on Last Post, however unsure about the rest of the routes on the post face, if the snow is similar to what we found today then they could be scary and cruddy! Some fine cornices above Cinderella. Topped out into warm spring like sunshine and a stellar white plateau with views of all the highlands. The Wand and Diadem.

Top of The Wand.

More Wand.

Cornices above Cinderella.

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