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Monday, 7 February 2011

07-02-11, Aonach Mor, West Highlands - Winter Climbing

PK, Dan and myself headed over to the west face of Aonach Mor today. We had hoped to get a view and feel for the summit ribs, as non of us had ever been, however the clag was firmly set in. A lot of fresh snow has fallen last night so much of the rocks were buried. We climbed up a rib/ridge line to the summit at grade II. Windy on the summits and complete whiteout. The cornices on the East face are massive, as to be expected with SW/W winds and lots of snow! Gaz and Chris abseiled in and climbed Morwind and Roaring Forties, they said they were in easy climbable condition but poor for protection. Also that the slopes were very loaded and best to stay away from Easy gully and the slopes at the base of the crag.

Photos - above and right - Dan and PK climbing Golden Oldie? and below snow covered tops.

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