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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

16-02-10, Cairngorms - Winter Skills

Today was working for Snowdonia Adventures on day 2 of a Winter Skills course. The picture below doesn't really resemble the day we had, but it was a nice 30mins that we got! We met early in an attempt to go up to the highest ski car park, however heavy snow fell at about 6:30am today and meant the road was closed until 11 (so we heard) while in the queue at 8:45 we decided to change initial plans and head up to Creagan Gorm and Craiggowrie above Glenmore to do some navigation. A considerable avalanche hazard meant we were going to stay off steep slopes. We looked at a variety of navigation techniques including walking on bearings with pacings. We had a whiteout for most of the day while walking along to tops which kept it real.

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