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Sunday, 4 November 2012

October 2012, Antalya, Turkey - Rock Climbing

Geyikbayiri -  at least 2 minutes walk from the campsite!

Alabalik, Geyikbayiri.
 I have been in Turkey for 12 days, rock climbing in Antalya. A great trip with loads of good quality, un-polished, sharp limestone. It was a great base for a hot rock sport climbing trip. The camp site is situated in the middle of the crags, you can walk for 2 minutes to get to them or 15 if you want to push the boat out! It has only been climbed on since 2000 so there is still loads of potential for new routes, I expect the guide book will be double the size in 5 years or so. The rock is un-polished and sharp, and it has been well bolted. Plenty of variety, something for everyone grade 5-8s, vertical walls, plenty of steep walls, upside down stuff, tufas and caves. It was too hot to climb in the midday sun at first - 35 degrees, but we also had some rain. We climbed everyday, there are plenty of caves to hang out in, with reasonable routes which extend into upside down harder things! Olympos was a great day out by the sea, with a slightly different style of vertical, steep crimpy climbing. I will definitely go back one day.
Very good quality routes Geyikbayiri.

Olympos, more excellent quality rock, slightly more vertical / steep than upside down. Good crimps and crozzly pockets.

Plenty of caves in Geyikbayiri to hide from the sun or rain.

Exotic critter, Praying Mantis.

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