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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

08-02-12, Cummingston, Moray Coast - Rock Climbing

Cummingston stack from the cave.
 High wind speeds in the Cairngorms today. Avy and I went rock climbing on the Moray coastal crag - Cummingston. A soft sandstone, 10-15m high, tidal and non tidal areas, good range of easy to mid grades. A good calm but cold day, gave Avy's knees a rest and a chance to look at rock climbing skills, taking out runners, belaying and abseiling. After dropping off Avy in Aviemore, looks like lots of snow has left the mountains, probably blown away! The buttress starting to look black also.
Flying buttress left, VD. Climbs the stack.

Cornflake Wall, Mod. Cummingston Classic!

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