Paul James, MIC - - Winter and Rock Climbing Conditions

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

27-01-10, North-West Highlands - Rock Climbing

With an initial plan to go and climb some of the winter gully
lines on Beinn Dearg. However when we arrived at the car park it was raining and the temperature was plus 10 degrees. Knowing that the rain would still be rain on the summit of the mountain we decided that ice climbing wasn't order of the day! While we were up in the North West with such tropical temperatures, armoured with big boots, quick draws, 10 nuts, 3 hexs and 10 ice screws we went rock climbing.

The Reiff Peninsula has some great rock climbing on awesome sandstone in a beautiful setting. Mainly single pitch between 8m and 25m, some tidal geos (zawns) and others non-tidal with massive platforms. It is a good location as you can still grab a quick route between the rain showers and find somewhere if the tide is high even with rough seas.
We managed to climb several routes between VDiff and Hard Severe, between the rain showers and high tide with big swell!

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